Monday, March 8, 2010

Baseball, The Great American Sport

Yancey's hand has a huge bandage. His small face, large dark eyes, and slim body all seemed minimized by the bandage. "I lost three fingers in the dough mixing machine. I was working in the bakery. I was my first real job. I was pushing dough in the machine because it was going so slow. It ripped off three of my fingers. When I went to the hospital, the cops arrested me for a drug sale. Can you imagine? I was in the hospital screaming about my fingers when they came in."

That was two days ago and Yancey was recuperating from the accident. A few days later, Yancey asked me if there was a GED class in the building. "I'm twenty years old and I was studying for my test before I got arrested. I will get out of here soon and I want to pass the test so that I can apply to college. You see, I am a very good baseball player. I want to get a college scholarship so I can play. Then I will get seen by a baseball scout and I will play in the major leagues. I know that I an good enough. I was studying for the test before the accident and I am not going to stop now just because I got hurt. You know, there is a baseball player with only one arm. If he can do that, I can play with three less fingers."

If you ever hear about a baseball player who plays with three missing fingers, it will be Yancey. He is so determined. I hope he makes it.

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