Monday, January 4, 2010

No Credit Cards, Cash Only

"When they picked me up, I was living at the Waldorf-Astoria Tower. I always live well because no cheap place will take checks." Jeff is a very elegant, well-spoken gentleman. It is not a surprising considering that he was graduated from a first rate ivy university after attending a prestigious prep school.

"My first arrest came after a million dollar con. I can sell anything. That time I sold a manufacturing plant that hadn't been built. I spent less than two years in jail and most of that was used in trying to convince the court that I was not competent to stand trial. I can sell anything. I was the top car salesman in the company. I have had four Rolls Royces, two at the same time. I had a successful flooring company in Cleveland. I can do it legal and I can do it illegal. I do whatever comes along. Does that make me mentally incompetent? Can I use that defense again?