Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Goes Around

When I hold substance abuse groups, I often ask the members "what is the worst thing that would happen if you stopped using drugs?". I get some very interesting answers. Sometimes I even get the truth.
Jay told the truth, "when you get out of prison, you look good. You put on weight, you work out, build some muscles. Everyone knows you just came home from up north. Pretty soon somebody will offer you some drugs. They don't even charge you. They give them to you for free. When you get hooked, then they charge you. They know you are a customer again and you are theirs for life. It's never your men friends who will get you to go back to drugs, They may stay clear of you but they won't try to get you to use again. No, it is Suzy Hotpants who walks by. She says just buy me a little and I'll show you how wild I can be. She takes a hit on the pipe and just sets down where it is in easy reach. You are on your own then and it isn't easy. One day when I was on the block I ran into a real good friend of mine. He said "look, I've got $800. I remember allthe times you took care of me. I'm going to buy you some new clothes . I'm going to take you out for the best dinner. You are my best friend and I really owe you." Just then , Suzy Hotpants walks by. She is walking slowly, giving both of you time to see just how good she looks. In no time, she says to me, "let's you and me get together. Tell your friend that you'll be back later." My friend takes off. He says to me, "see you later". "It starts with getting her something. You may take a little hit and that's all it takes. That is the way it happens all the time. And that's the truth." I believe Jay and I know that he speaks the truth. He is a small man, missing more than a few teeth. In another life, he would have made a great stand up comic. His delivery and timing were excellent.