Friday, June 12, 2009

The Master Artist

Among the other examples of creativity are Frank's tools. Jailhouse tattooing is very common. Designs include gang signs, hearts, names of lovers, family members, children, tributes to mother, religious pictures, and a wide variety of animals. Local jailhouse artists apply most of the tattoos. They use needles and ink for the task and it is very time consuming. Frank decided that his artistry was not sufficiently demonstrated by this method.

Frank used the inside of a cheap ballpoint pen, the motor from a portable radio, the batteries from a Walkman and he made his own mechanical tattooing pen. He said that it more nearly compared with the professional devices used by tattoo parlors on the street. Since all advertising is word of mouth, Frank used his own body to demonstrate his artistic talents. After he produced a few illustrations on other clients, they too became his advertisements.

Inmates get one hour a day of exercise in the yard and this opportunity expanded Frank's clients. Naturally his clientele was appreciative and rewarded Frank accordingly. There is something about necessity being the mother of invention and I suppose this is like building a better mousetrap.

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