Monday, October 19, 2009

The Natural

His name is Ennet but they called him Annette. He is tall, attractive with a smile that could light up a dark room. He is always generous with his commissary, his clothing, and everything else his family brings him. He will always help another resident and will care for him when necessary. He formed an AIDS support group in the dorm and we run it together. We bring in new information, reading material, and occasionally outside speakers to keep in touch with other resources in the community.

Ennet is out there as they say and he has always wanted to be grand. When he is on the street, he wants people to see him as special. He does it by having money, having drugs, knowing the latest fashion, bars, restaurants, and every other currency of being in.

Ennet has the personality, the humor, the generosity of spirit, and the loving nature to he grand if he didn't have a dime. The sad thing is that Ennet doesn't know that he is grand just the way he is.

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