Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Hat Is Mine

Sammy was a very little man. He was not more than 5'3 inches. He was skinny with very knobby knees. He wore shorts although it was January when he was arrested. He had huge blue eyes and a very sweet smile. He wore a worn brown hat called a pork pie when I was very young. On the inside of the hat was were pictures of a very beautiful, very famous super model. Sammy loved her. Actually that was why Sammy was in jail. Although he would say that he just wanted to see her as often as he could, the police called it stalking. He admitted that he did wait at her apartment for her to come home. He made friends with the doorman so he could find out when she went out in the morning. "I don't stalk her. I just want to see her. Why couldn't she love me. I'm not a bad guy. I am a real gentleman. I know how to treat a lady. After all, I've got everything but money and hey, she doesn't need my money. She has plenty. I would never hurt her so what's the problem." Sammy had another problem. The problem was the hat. Someone in the dorm coveted the hat. This someone was used to controlling things and the hat became the object of his control needs. Sammy probably would have given him the hat to save his life. I could have come to that but Sammy was not going to give up the pictures of his fail lady. Sammy scratched his head. I thought that he was just thinking. Sammy continued to scratch his head. He took off this hat and peered inside. He spotted something. He picked it up between two fingers and then squashed. The person who coveted the hat watched in disgust and walked away. Sammy looked at me and winked.

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